1987   Born in Tochigi in Japan

2009-2012   Kyoto University of Art and Design oil painting course




2009   Tukiichi Kyoto(Group Exhibition)

2017    Around a house, SW11 Gallery, Tokyo(Solo Exhibition)

2018    Rough Dimension, 四谷未確認スタジオ, Tokyo(Group Exhibition)

2018    ふぁちゅあす☆めたまるふぉ~ぜ, Fukuoka(Group Exhibition)

2019    帯化 , first single Jacket https://linkco.re/Yb9azsxQ 

2019    関節を平野に誘う, 四谷未確認スタジオ, Tokyo(Solo Exhibition)

2019    Open studio, 四谷未確認スタジオ, Tokyo (Group Exhibition)

2020    ポニーの曲解ポートレーツ, BAGONE Gallery, Tokyo (Solo Exhibition)

2020    シンオオヤ, RANZAN STUDIO, Saitama (Group Exhibition)

2021    線と, Artas Gallery, Fukuoka (Group Exhibition)